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AddWeb Website Promoter
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What do search engines think of your website?
Without META Tags, you have little control over how your web pages are viewed by search engine spiders. That means that when search engines index your pages, your description can look like junk and the keywords that might lead to your listing may have little or nothing to do with keywords you feel are important.
AccuTagger helps you create and manage META tags for your web pages. It supports all common, and many advanced tags, plus has support for custom tags as well. Managing and editing your META data couldn't be easier.

Key Features Include:

Tag Databases
Allow you to maintain databases of frequently used keywords and descriptions for quick import into META Tag profiles.

Page Analysis
AccuTagger can check existing tags on pages over the internet or on your hard drive and provide helpful hints on where to improve for best results.

Spell Checker
Automatically checks your descriptions for any spelling errors.

Easy Import and Population from existing sources
AccuTagger can import META data from existing web pages on the internet, on your hard drive, and if you own AddWeb, you can import AddWeb profiles directly into AccuTagger.

Best Guess Population
If you don't have META tags on your pages, you can still use the populate and import feature. AccuTagger will examine the content of your web page and 'guess' the best keywords and description for your page.

Drill down editing
Changing tags on a thousand pages is as easy as a single page. You can instruct AccuTagger to change all web pages that reside within or below a selected directory.

Comprehensive reporting
AccuTagger supports comprehensive reporting options, allowing you to generate reports in HTML, ASCII Text and even directly to an E-Mail address.

Simple META Refresh to Java conversion
If you want pages that automatically forward to another page, you would normally use what is called a META Refresh tag. However, some search engines will not index a page with a meta refresh. For this reason, AccuTagger has an option to automatically create JavaScript for these forward pages instead of the refresh tag.... with a simple click of the mouse.

Simple Backup of all edited pages
With a click of the mouse, you can instruct AccuTagger to automatically make backups of all pages it edits.

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Did you know?
AccuTagger is a perfect compliment to AddWeb Website Promoter. It allows you to manage your meta tags across your entire site, through easy-to-manage subject groups. What would otherwise take hours, takes minutes.
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