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AddWeb Awards

No other website promotion, submission, optimization or ranking software has won nearly as many awards as AddWeb. There is one simple reason: It is the best by a longshot.


Awarded '5 Golden Cows' by TuCows.
"This registration tool will assuredly get you a higher placement than most other ways of doing-it-yourself".
"A must have for Web designers".


Also awarded 'Best in Class' as Head of the Herd by TuCows.


Awarded '5 Star Editors Pick by ZDNet.


User Friendly:


Ease of Installation:



Maximum rating from Shareware
"AddWeb 4 goes beyond all other submission programs and is a hit!"

"AddWeb 4 has so many rich features you'll find more than enough options at your command to make your life easier and at the same time benefit your site on the engines".


Awarded Editors Pick by PC WORLD Online


"A must for world dominators (or businesses just looking for better Web exposure)"
Maximum award from


"AddWeb 4 is an impressive suite of tools that you would be hard-pressed to match elsewhere".


AddWeb is the ONLY website promotion software to have received the maximum 5-star award from softList.


Awarded Maximum rating by PC WORLD Magazine - Italy


Awarded 'Simply the Best' GOLD


Added as one of a select few programs that garner "must-have app" status on CPM Net's File Mine.


Top Rating at Slaughterhouse


Editor's Pick and TOP 10 DOWNLOAD at


Maximum 5 out of 5 stars at Winternet.


Award of Excellence - My Desktop Network


Windows Central's TOP rating!


Rated 5 out of 5 Dudes at


Top rating 'Excellent' at 5Star


Best of the Best from Only the Best Apps


Top Rating at


Top Rating at Silk Moon Downloads


Monthly Pick at Silk Moon Downloads


Awarded 9 Swords by Shareware Viking.
"If you need a search engine submission program I would definitely recommend AddWeb...its the best that I've seen so far and worth the cost in time savings and frustration."


Awarded 5 Star Editor's Editor's Pick by


Awarded Editors' Choice at TSN Software.


Top rating at
"Full of features to help promote your websites"


Editors' pick at Skylark Utilities.


Received COOL and User's Choice awards at ListSoft.




Again a big compliment goes out to the developers of addweb for big improvements on their version 3, which has been tested and can be rated as very reliable and efficient. Also within the leading German Internet Print Magazine "Internetworld" addweb has been selected as the No. 1 submission software within a test of most available products. Very convincing are also support, that replies within hours and the well functioning update service, that corrects all those URLs which have changed.


Top Rating at Yippee


Top Rating at Softland


Selected by ALL HTML!


Editors Pick at SoftLandMark


Top rating of 5 stars at


5 stars at


Rated 5 stars at

Maximum rating of 5 stars at


Maximum rating of Editor's Pick at


Maximum rating of Editor's Pick at



Maximum rating of 5 stars at


Maximum ratring of 5 stars at


Maximum rating of 5 stars at popular shareware


If there were an award for the most awards...

AddWeb has won so many awards, we have begun to lose track of them. In fact, it has won more awards than any other web promotion software.



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