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AddWeb Testimonials
This is a mere sampling of the thousands of testimonials we receive from customers...

I just wanted to say thank you for making my work seem so much easier. Your GREAT software has made a huge impact on the number of hits that our site gets every day. I am really amazed. I will yell from the roof tops about AddWeb. I am a new webmaster and your program walked me step by step through the process of how to submit the site. Thanks for your help. Keep up the great work.



"Thank you for designing absolutely the BEST
website promoting program on the planet!"

-George Bien, Ph.D.


We have been using Addweb for ages now.... the newest layout with all the bells and whistles in the submit screen makes you really feel you are doing something...and the advice you give etc is just brilliant. Your product is one of the easiest products to use, and as far as we are concerned at Glopro - it is the best promotion product around.

Addweb is brilliant and getting better all the time....

Alec Ellis


I've seen the software [AddWeb] perform in its ultimate preeminent splendor. You've set the standards for software development in this arena: Unparalleled, unrivaled, unexcelled.

Donald S. Stewart
United Tradeways Co.


I just did my first submission with AddWeb. Blood hell! Is that fast or what? I can't believe how it can run so many threads! It ate my entire bandwidth!! Man this is cool.

Kurt Jones
Woftam Jones Pty Ltd


I just completed my first submission using Addweb. I'd just like to say, "WOW!" I can't believe what an EXCELLENT program this is!!!!

What I've read about at your web site is all true! Not Hype, like so many of these other programs.. I just cancelled two other services I am using that do the same exact thing as your Addweb software. Only thing, Addweb is far more superior. Especially with the placement, and ranking options that are already built into Addweb..

Your program does it all!! When I saw the amount of successful submissions vs. the ones that did not make it- it proved, I made the right decision to purchase your program. I even had to set up a free email account to handle the amount of confirmations I got back from the successful submissions. With the submission services I was using, they never came close to what your program can, and does do!

As a marketer, having several successful running internet businesses, it's very, very important to have a user friendly program, and a program that came in at a fantastic price to promote my businesses.

I will be recommending your program(s) to all my business associates.. Keep up the great work!

Joseph A. Micheline
Micheline Merchandising Co.


All I can say is WOW!!!
I've never seen anything that fast, and let me tell you that I use many submission software apps.

Yves Lavoie


Ladies and Gentlemen;

I have just finished my first promotion using AddWeb. As a registered version of Addweb, I already knew your software was top notch and I just didn't think it could get much better.

Thank God I was wrong.

AddWeb is one phenominal piece of work. From the look and feel redesign to the unbelievably fast multi-threaded submission engine - it is one fantastic work of art. No longer do I have to spend an hour or more submitting.

Thank you for providing EXCELLENT customer support both with the upgrade as well as the close quarter contact you have kept with us registered users with regards to the new release.

Feel free to reprint any of this letter as you see fit as unsolicited testimonial. Now if only I could find a way to keep AddWeb all to myself LOL!

Shane R. Monroe
Internet Content Creator


It is simply a MASTERPIECE!
Keep that standard and AddWeb will be the best selling software. I´m wordless - what can I say!? Great Job!

All other submission tools on the market looks like old Massey Fergusons after having tried a ride in the super class AddWeb

Flemming Christensen
Nordic Web Design


AddWeb is the bomb! We tested three other products before choosing AddWeb, and we cannot express how happy we are with the results. Our hits have doubled since we bought AddWeb!

AddWeb is more than just an's a steal! Thanks Cyberspace for finally giving us a product that works!

Bob Howard
Internet Services Manager
Western Technologies Group, LLC


This has got to be the most awsome site submission program I have seen yet. I have previewed many different ones and even bought the "Submission Wizard". I dumped that the moment I received AddWeb. Some of my favorite features are e-mail reports & html reports. But the thing I love most about this program is that it's so easy to use. I did not have to ask many questions in order to get started and the questions I did have were covered in the on-line help. Again, this has got to be the most completely well-rounded and user friendly program on the web (Coming from somebody who will not read a manual). When the pro version arrives, it is on my "MUST BUY" list.

Charles P. Scott
PCM Visual Listing Service


I am a long time user of Exploit, but after using AddWeb I and my users began to receive many more search engine e-mail confirmations back of successful submissions. This increased confidence is a big addition to my services. Now I wouldn't use anything else.

AddWeb, like most Cyberspace HQ products, is without a doubt the new standard that other similar programs must strive to exceed. I especially like the 'electronic' display which gives real-time status on in process submissions and the speed of execution and the ability to do multiple submissions is unmatched.

Roger Heath
System Administrator
wyndows techknow(tm) chicago


I have spent about 7 weeks total in the past evaluating 17 search engine promotion programs trying to find ONE that actually worked and was priced right. I asked Cyberspace's advice multiple times because of their vast experience in WWW design/implementation. I found one that half way satisfied my needs, but then found out it was basically a rental purchase, and I refused to 'buy' into this. Then along came AddWeb. From the first version of this thing it WORKED! Not only do I mean the program worked and my site(s) were actually submitted, but my Web traffic increased 10 fold, actually causing me to consider a faster circuit from my ISP. There is NO DOUBT that this is the best product on the market to promote your Web Site on search engines. If one does not use this product, you are cheating yourself out of a more successful web site....

Jack McMorris
Zed Software


What a brilliant program. Very Well Done

Mike Mitchell


Its one of the easiest and fastest web promoter I've ever used! I really find it useful.

Peter Privitera
Mixcat Computers


I just checked out your AddWeb product, and absolutely loved it. This is one of the few tools of its kind that is both worth the price in terms of feature/functionality, as well as really worth registering, which I most certainly will do.

I took the liberty of submitting a quick synopsis of my experience with your product for readers of Award-It, a subscription based newsletter with almost 9,000 subscribers, which we subscribe to. I felt your team deserved to read our thoughts on their hard work. Once again, job well done. It is going to make my life alot easier from here on. Here it is:

I would like to take a moment to bring your attention to a fabulous product, AddWeb from Cyberspace IQ (

AddWeb is a search-engine submission tool that, in our opinion, is the best we have seen. As the largest developer of interactive agent solutions, we constantly need to update our site with new technologies and products. As such, the need to allow our customers to find us requires we constantly update as many search engines as we can, which can be a very time consuming task.

We have tried several products in this category, all usually with a higher than normal fee, and less than normal feature set. AddWeb is simple, straight-forward, and it does what it says. You not only have the ability to submit to hundreds of search engine (not "dead-links" either), you can rebuild your web page with newer MetaTags for better search hits, check your ranking with other search engines, and much more. Best of all, you only enter your data once, it does an excellent job of minimizing user input. I honestly don't think we'll use any other search-engine submission tool again!

I strongly urge those interested in such tools to check out this product. It will be time well spent!

Matt R. Cole
MRC Computing


I applaud you...I just downloaded your AddWeb and installed it about a half an hour ago...I am truly impressed with your FANTASTIC product.

A million times over...THANK YOU SO MUCH...



I have downloaded MANY web submission tools and found yours to be the most comprehensive yet. Offering more keywords, clarifying the categories with subcategory listings when needed for specific search engines. Your list of submissions seems to be the most complete as well.

Thanks so much for this great looks like I've finally found the one to fit my exact needs.

Colleen Shimkoski
ColDen Communications

A little bit o' praise...

"A must for world dominators (or businesses just looking for better web exposure)."


"This program is a perfect addition to any webmaster's arsenal. [it] will assuredly get you a higher placement."


"AddWeb is a true gem"


AddWeb is the bomb! Our hits have doubled since we bought AddWeb!
-Bob Howard
Western Technologies Group


My Web Traffic has increased ten-fold. If one doesn not use this product, you are cheating yourself out of a more successful website.
-Jack McMorris
Zed Software



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