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Cyberspace HQ Affiliate Program

Place a Cyberspace HQ banner on your website or insert an AddWeb page on your website and earn between 15% and 18% of every confirmed sale made as a result of a click through your banner!

The average Cyberspace HQ sale is $190, that means that you can make an average of $34.20 on every sale that results from a person clicking on your banner!

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*You must be signed up with clickXchange and be on our affiliate program in order to receive affiliate payouts.

** You may not use the affiliate program to merely gain a discount on a single copy of any of our software unless you have previously referred sales to us. We monitor affiliate commissions, and reject sales that are not clearly referral sales, and sales that come from sites that do not display our affiliate link or banners.










Did you know...

You can earn a 15% to 18% commission on every online sale made that is referred from your website. Stop and consider that by simply placing a Cyberspace HQ banner on your website, you can make as much hundreds every time someone clicks on the banner and purchases a product from us.

They don't even need to purchase right away. If someone clicks on the banner on your site, and purchases within 6 months, you will get credit for the sale!

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